Matthias Scherer

I was born in 1974 near Frankfurt in Germany and discoverd the Alps with my family in young childhood. I started Skiing 4years old in Mégéve and in the mid 80´s Ski Alpinism.

 In 1993 I decided to move completely to the foot of Mt.Blanc. 

In the same winter I started ice climbing which became fast my biggest passion. Till today I climbed far over 500 frozen waterfalls all over Europe and Canada including first ascents. Find my TOP 100 Ice Climbs on this page and join the #eternalquest on my Instagram

In mixed climbing and drytooling I've sent routes up to M11. 

Ski Alpinism has been over all those years an important part of my life, too. I did twice the Tour del Gran Paradiso (60k's and 5500 Vertical Ascent) in less than 24 hours with holding the fastest known time for this route in 19hours and 6minutes together with Tanja Schmitt and Heike Schmitt in 2017. 

I rode three times the Tour du Mont Blanc (330k's - 8000m Vertical Ascent) with the road bike in less than 24hours. My fastest time for this ride dates to 2017 in 15hours and 9minutes. 





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